When your organization is faced with a crisis that has serious public or employee consequences, your every move is critical and subject to scrutiny. Make Frontline your “go to” source for professional crisis management assistance. Frontline’s team of seasoned legal, employment, public relations and media experts carefully and confidentially assist you in preparing a plan of action, evaluating alternatives and their legal and practical consequences, preparing employee and media communications, training media-facing representatives, proactive public relations measures, and developing strategies for the future

Some of the issues we can help you with include:

Discrimination issues

Sexual Harassment

Workplace Violence

Officer Misconduct

Internal Conflict

Union Organizing Activity

COVID-19, Coronavirus Issues

Employee Strikes

Workplace Accidents

Media Investigations

Negative Publicity

Social Media Reputational Attacks

Product Tampering

Employee Misconduct

Mass Layoffs

Plant Shutdowns

Environmental Issues

Government Actions

Adverse Legislation

Criminal Investigations




Product Defects, Recalls


Natural Disaster Response

Customized plan options or situation-specific plans are available. Please contact Frontline today to discuss