Customized Live or Online Training for Your Unique Needs

Customized Live or Online Training for Your Unique Needs2020-05-21T17:25:27+00:00

Frontline does not offer generic, "canned" training.  Instead, we work closely with our clients to develop and provide specially-tailored, timely, and relevant training that corresponds with your unique training needs, and with the policies, values and culture of your organization.  Training can be delivered live in-person, online by video conference, or a combination.  Email or Call Frontline HR Solutions today to discuss your training needs. or 833/FRONTHR.

Customized Training for your Unique Needs

Management and Workforce Training

  • Teamwork/Diversity
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Approachable Leadership
  • Individual or Group Executive Coaching and Training
  • Manager Training
  • Supervisor Basic Fundamentals Training
  • Respect and Cooperation in the Workplace (Diversity) Training
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Team Building Training
  • DOT Supervisor Training
  • DOT Employee Training,
  • New York State and New York City Sexual Harassment Training
  • California Sexual Harassment Training
  • Illinois Sexual Harassment Training
  • Maine Sexual Harassment Training


  • Positive Employee Relations Training
  • Union Organizing Training
  • Third Party Intervention Training
  • Employment Law Basics for Managers
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Wage and Hour Training
  • Managing Generational Differences
  • Performance Management Training
  • Performance Appraisal Training
  • Employee Discipline Training
  • Safe Terminations Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Other Topics upon Request