Positive Employee Relations

and Union Avoidance

Union activity is on the rise and even the best employers are vulnerable to union organizing. Unions win over 70% of
union elections. An employer’s best defense is education and prevention before any union activity takes place. This is achieved through creating a positive work environment where leaders are accessible and responsive, and where employees feel valued, trusted and empowered. Frontline HR Solutions has successfully helped small and large employers maintain a direct, positive relationship with their employees and avoid the expense and disruption of union involvement.

Early recognition and reporting of union organizing activity is critical to union avoidance success. Let Frontline train
your managers and supervisors in the essential strategies, skills and knowledge to identify problem areas, respond responsibly and prevent union activity in the earliest stages.

When a union does come calling, employers must respond immediately. Timing is critical and the earlier the
employer responds, the better chance of success. Frontline employs a proven, effective rapid response program
to help employers defend against Union organizing activity and union election campaigns. With Frontline’s
assistance, our clients have had remarkable success in keeping unions out, avoiding unfair labor practice charges
and improving their workplace culture.

Our services include:

  • Proactive, customized Union Awareness and Avoidance Training for managers and supervisors
  • Union Activity Quick Response
  • Card Signing Defense
  • Union Election Campaign Defense
  • Employee Education Materials and Presentations

If you are committed to maintaining a direct, productive employment relationship, call Frontline and let us
help you union-proof your organization.