Frontline Leader Development and Coaching

Many frontline managers and supervisors are promoted from within and have little or no training on fundamental leadership skills and practices. Considering the substantial impact these leaders have on your employees and company, they are worth the investment!

Our customized, highly-interactive "Frontline Difference" training is delivered in-person, virtually or one-on-one. Select individual topics or packages of 4, 8 and 12 topics. Workshops available in 2 hour, half-day and full-day sessions.
Is Your Organization Challenged by...
Employee Turnover

Decreased Employee Engagement

Declining Productivity and Quality

Manager and Supervisor Training Gaps

Employee Conflict
Attendance Declines

Union Organizing Concerns

Employment Legal Risks

Safety Issues

Hiring Struggles
Your Frontline Leaders Can Change That!

Your Managers and Supervisors are the #1 factor in employee retention, engagement and productivity. Give them the tools to help them and your organization thrive.

The Basics: Things Every Leader Should Know, Do and Avoid

Effective Communications Skills

How to Build Trust and Meaningful Relationships

How to Hold Employees Accountable Without Creating Resentment

How to Resolve Conflict Among Employees

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Employment Law Primer- Rules Every Leader Should Know and Understand

Performance Assessments: How to Prepare and Deliver Effective Feedback

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
Team Leadership for success

Respectful Workplace

Time Management for Leaders

How to Run Effective Meetings

Personal Growth Strategies for Leaders

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Bullying Education

Building Your Personal Brand- How it Impacts the Bottom Line

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Frontline Strategic Initiative Programs
Every program is custom-tailored to meet your specific needs

One-on-One Success Coaching for Current and Emerging Leaders

360 Assessments for Leaders

Personal Strength and Communication Assessments for Individuals and Teams

Retention Analysis and Strategies
Employee Focus Groups and Stay Interviews

Performance Management Programs

Team Leader Development

Union Awareness Training, Strategies